In 2008 we started our reliable and dependable locksmith service, and ever since, we have been proud to serve the Spokane community and call it home. We have 10 years of experience getting people back into their homes and cars, rekeying and replacing locks, replacing lost keys and providing padlock removal. It’s unfortunate to say, but we know that hopeless feeling of being locked out of our home, car or business all too well. But the reality is that these things happen — and they just always seem to happen when we’re in a hurry and need help fast.

That’s exactly why we decided to start our own emergency locksmith business. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and quick, reliable service, we aim to get you back into your home, car or business in the least amount of time possible. We have had to get people out of some pretty tight situations since we started and we can handle any job. Whether you’re looking for prompt lockout help and lost key replacement or need assistance with rekeying or replacing a lock, 24 Hour Houdini Locksmith provides Spokane County with reliable locksmith services.